School Profile

School Profile


Saint MichaelIndianSchool                                         PrivateReligious

1 Lupton Road,Hwy12                                                  CEEB:030370

P.O.Box650                                                                   Phone1-505-979-5592

Saint Michaels, AZ,USA86511                                     Fax1-505-979-5590

Founded by the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament in 1902.



Saint Michael Indian School provides students from local Native American communities with a quality education that is rooted in Catholic values, is sensitive to Native heritage, teaches leadership skills, and enables students to contribute in a culturally diverse world.


President                                               DotTeso


PK-12 Principal                                      Tom Sorci



Vice Principal                                        Tazbah Shortey,MAEd.


Chaplain                                                  Fr. Joseph Gonsalves,OFM


AccreditingAgencies                   AdvancED

                                                    Western Catholic Educational Association (WCEA)


Enrollment                                 345 in Preschool – Gr.12


Ethnicity                                      1% Hispanic orLatino

                                                   98% American Indian or Alaskan Native

                                                    0% Black or African American

       0% Native American or Pacific Islander 1% White


International                             100% US Citizens

                                                   0% Non-US Citizens

FederalLunchAid                                                               54%


FinancialAid                                                                       90%


Setting                                                                               Rural

2017 GraduatingClassSize                                              24

CollegeBound                                                                  90% 4-year, 8% 2-year, 2%workforce


The educational program at St. Michael Indian School consists of the following curriculum areas, with Religion being considered part of the core curriculum: Health and Physical Education, Mathematics, Religion, Social Studies, Language Arts, Music and Drama, Science, and Technology. Our goals for improvement include the areas of Vocabulary, Based on the Iowa Tests, Vocabulary Math Computation, and Problem Solving.


Students in grades 3-12 are tested annually for academic progress using the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills (ITBS).  Students in grades 9-12 are tested annually for academic progress using Iowa Tests of Educational Development (ITED). Students in grades K-2 are given the Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills (DIBELS) testing three times each year (pre, mid, and post) to measure academic progress. Students in grades 5, 8, and 12 are given the ACRE test from the National Catholic Education Association (NCEA) for religious knowledge. ACRE testing is required by the Bishop of The Diocese of Gallup.


Block Schedule was instituted in August 2014 of eight 90 minute rotating periods for grades 7-12.

GraduationDate                                                                                      May 19,2018

Honors courses instituted August 2015 are Biology, Algebra I, and Algebra II. 


GradingScale(PK-12):                                                    LetterGrade    Percentage     GPA

A                     95-100             4.0

A-                    90-94               3.7

B+                    87-89              3.5

B                     84-86               3.0

B-                    80-83               2.7

C+                   77-79               2.5

C                     74-76               2.0

C-                    70-73               1.7

D+                   67-69               1.5

D                     65-66               1.3

D-                    60-64               1.0

F                      0-59                  0

I                        0                      0