Become a Cardinal

Thank you for considering St. Michael Indian School for your child’s education foundation. Our mission is to provide students from local Native American communities with a quality education that is rooted in Catholic values, is sensitive to Native heritage, teaches leadership skills and enables students to contribute in a culturally diverse world.
We do this by focusing on a well-balance approach which includes a college preparatory curriculum with faith formation, and the exploration of clubs, sports, and service. Our community sets an encouraging, supportive, and diverse atmosphere with dedicated faculty, championship athletic programs, and enriching music and art education like the Native flute and choir.
As a result these prepared students go on to higher education nationwide, with graduates attending fine universities like Cornell, Dartmouth, Georgetown, MIT, Notre Dame, Stanford, and Yale.
For more information on becoming part of the Cardinal family, CLICK HERE
1.    Complete an online application
a.    Apply (link at
b.    Application fee: $25 per applicant
c.    If you should require assistance or a computer, please schedule a time
2.    Placement Test
a.    After Online Application completion, set up required placement test with (505)979-5591,
b.    Upcoming Dates:
                                         i.    PreK-1st Grade: July 26
                                        ii.    2nd-11th: July 21, and August 4
3.    Financial Aid
a.    Contact Dawn Kasuse to set up appointment to review financial aid options
b.    (505) 979-5590 ext.3033
4.    Family Interview
a.    Family interview includes Parent(s)/Guardian(s), Student(s), Principal and Counselor
b.    Family will be scheduled by the Assistant Principal Tazbah Shortey
c.    Required for official acceptance or non-admittance
5.    Official Acceptance
                a.   Acceptance letter is issued by mail and followed by a phone call from the Principal
Please contact Paige Taliman, Student Recruitment Specialist, 505.979.5591, Office Hours 8 AM to 4:30 PM