2018-2019 Bus Schedule

2018-19 SMIS Bus Rider Schedule
Bus Service begins on 8/09/18


 This is a very tight pick-up and drop-off schedule -if your child is not at his/her stop the bus will leave without them. Also if a parent/guardian is not present at the identified drop off stop the child will be returned to SMIS to be picked up by parent/guardian at school.
 Please register your child-as a bus-rider and pick up the necessary forms with rules and expectations at one of the school’s front offices (this must be completed before 8/08) of before your child rides the bus for the first time. If during re-enrollment, you completed bus form, you do not need complete form.
 There are scheduled days that the bus will not operate –please check the bus calendar carefully!
 Tohatchi/ Twin Lake/Yah Ta Hey riders will arrive at school in-time for breakfast and will have access to afterschool care and snacks at no charge (K-5th) older riders will wait in HS Lobby –with access to vending and pride store for afterschool snacks.